Hamonize’s Girlfriend Confronts Him on Newborn Daughter

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:21/06/2019 12:20
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Drama? “You need to tell me something about this!” Harmonize’s girlfriend confronts singer about his Newborn daughter.

Wasafi records Harmonize is currently said to have a daughter by the name of Heaven Kahali.

This is after his side chick Ashanti welcomed their first born a few weeks ago. Harmonize has, however, kept his silence concerning the matter but his alleged baby mother has started giving a few details through her daughter’s Instagram page.

A while back, Mange Kimambi revealed that Harmonize’s fiancé, Sarah, had apparently suffered 4 miscarriages and has been having a hard time conceiving.

Well, now that her future husband has had a child with another woman things might change between the two.

With the stories spreading, like wild fire in the hot summer season, on social media, Harmonize’s Caucasian fiancé seems to have come across the rumor.

In her recent post shared on Instagram, Sarah_Tz is seen telling Harmonize to explain himself about the baby girl said to be his daughter.


From the comment session, most fans went on to advise Sarah to accept Harmonize’s daughter since his own religion allowed him to have 4 wives if he pleased.

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