YFilla, Rwandan rapper who lives in Canada releases new song ‘Nobody’ featuring Bull Dogg

Author: UDAHOGORA Vanessa Peace
On:14/03/2019 10:39
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Yves Shyaka aka YFilla is a Rwandan artist who lives in Canada for his studies. He is into hip hop and has released a song he dubbed ‘Nobody’ that features Bull Dogg and Blaze.

YFilla started his music career back in 2012 and has managed to work on 2 mix tapes and one album. His mix tapes are Jam My Life 1, and Nobody Knows My Name. The album is named Jam My Life 2 and is about his music journey.

YFilla is currently doing his studies in Canada

His new song ‘Nobody’ features Bull Dogg, one of the successful rappers in Rwanda, and Blaze. Yfilla says that he’s got other projects in progress, including music videos of his songs ‘My Name’ as well as ‘Jam My Life’

Click here to listen to ‘Nobody’ by YFilla ft Bull Dogg& Blaze


UDAHOGORA Vanessa Peace


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