A Safe, secure and investor friendly Rwanda attracted CG Corp Global and CG Hotels & Resorts to invest in Hospitality

Author: Tony Karera
On:6/10/2016 19:50
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Hospitality is one of the biggest industries in the world, contributing at 10% to global economy and CG Corp Global is one of the biggest hotel brands in the world, originating in Nepal about 150 years ago and it owns over 110 hotels worldwide

 Attracted by the safety, stability and economic growth of Rwanda, CG Corp Global wants to take the opportunity and invest in Rwanda. Not only does CG Corp Global own big hotels around the world, but also has invested in other economic activities mainly finance companies, insurance companies, largest banks in Nepal and it has offices in 15 countries and has expanded its activities in 60 countries. As one of the biggest Asian brands, CG Corp Global has also been registered in Forbes Magazine as one and only Nepalese group to make it to the Forbes.

Even though East African countries have been through a series of turmoil and disturbances, CG Corp Global has found a very big economic potential in the region and decided that it would invest there, starting from Rwanda as the most stable country from its growing trend of tourism, beautiful infrastructure, its banking system and its being investor friendly as said by Rahul Chaudhary, the Executive Director of CG Corp Global and CG Hotels & Resorts.


Rahul Chaudhary, the Executive Director of CG Corp Global and CG Hotels & Resorts

The fact that Rwanda has been trusted to hold big African meetings and the friendly way the guests are treated, gives hope to investors that investing in Rwanda would be good business. CG Corp Global and CG Hotels & Resorts wants to promote Zinc as a brand, there is already Zinc Hotel in Kigali, near the city roundabout, it shortly opened as Ubumwe Grand for the sake of hosting AU Summit guests but will officially open as Zinc Hotel in the next 1 or 2 months, says Rahul.

Soon to be opened Zinc Hotel

CG Corp Global and CG Hotels & Resorts also would have a hospitality school that will train professionals and the project would be implemented in two to three years prior to Zinc official launch. As long as the Zinc succeeds, CG Corp Global and CG Hotels & Resorts would be pleased to bring more investments in Rwanda, among others real estate and banks which would boost Rwandan economy since all those projects give jobs to people and taxes to the country.


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