The gutsy Rwandan fashion model who took her destiny in her own hands comes back from Zimbabwe with the Pride

Author: Tony Karera
On:3/08/2016 15:50
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Five Rwandan fashion models were invited to represent Rwanda at Top Model Africa 2016 which took place in Zimbabwe. But the 5 nominated models, found themselves with no wing to fly them to Harare, and with none to ask for.

But, the land of the thousand hills would have been represented by 5 models but owing to being denied a fare, one of these fashion models, UWASE Tina, made her mind up and took her own destiny in her hands and flew herself to the contest which was taking place in Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare from July 26- Aug 1, 2016.

At her arrival in Zimbabwe, UWASE Tina told Inyarwanda.com in a brief interview that, she persevered to attend this competition to save the image of the country which would have became the embarrassing fact for It to be unable to attend.

uwase tina

Uwase Tina in the plane back to Kigali with smile, trophy and...Pride! (Photo courtesy)

As a proud Rwandan, UWASE Tina decided to use her own fare to Zimbabwe. UWASE Tina was awarded ‘The Best Fashion model who is good at showcasing her fashion and talking confidently about it in front of the crowd. The award UWASE Tina won is worth of $1500 (Rwf1,1m) accompanied by a trophy. The top model Africa 2016 grand prize was awarded the Zambian model Nthabachi Mvula followed by the Tswana Peelo Mookodi as a runner-up.

By the way, who should have supported the fare of these models?

Top Model Africa committee invited Rwanda through Rwanda Inspiration Backup (a private entity known for organizing Miss Rwanda Beauty pageant contest). After receiving this invitation, Rwanda Inspiration Backup selected Miss Heritage Rwanda 2015 Nibagwire Keza Joannah, Miss Rwanda 2016 second Runner-up Miss Vanessa Mpongazi, Miss Rwanda 2015 contestants Flora and Ariane, and the sang heroin, Tina Uwase who was selected as a model.

The game was, all selected models had to take in hands their flights to and from Zimbabwe for the event. These fashion models waited for Rwanda Inspiration Backup to arrange their flights, but unfortunately, they were finally told that they will not be provided with anything.  However, Rwanda Inspiration Backup signed them a recommendation letter and sent them out to hunt on their own.


Uwase Tina, the Rwanda Super Model 2015 contestant who took her own destiny in her hands


Tina Uwase

These fashion models tried their level best to ask for help from flight companies but they were turned down. Inyarwanda.com learned from Tina that she was even turned down when she was trying to ask for help from MINISPOC; she was told that there is no budget resourced to support their travels.

On Friday, July 22, these fashion models became hopeless to making it to Zimbabwe after having been turned down in all doors they have knocked on. They were supposed to leave for Zimbabwe on Sunday July 24, 2016; but…we have no wings to Harare.

This is where, the gutsy Tina Uwase decided to take her own destiny in her hands and used her own fare to Zimbabwe, and she came back to her country with a bag of smile, trophy and most of all... Pride.

The original Kinyarwanda story by Emmy Nsengiyumva, translated by Constantin Rukundo and edited by Mutiganda wa Nkunda


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