The death of Beloved Coach Jean de Dieu Ntirenganya Marks a Significant Loss for Rwandan Football

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:5/07/2024 13:59
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On 4h July, the Rwandan football community was struck with grief as news broke of the passing of Jean de Dieu Ntirenganya, a prominent figure in football development in Gatsibo. His death has left many, especially those who knew him and benefited from his guidance, in deep sorrow.

Ntirenganya was a man who dedicated his life to sports, particularly football. He began his coaching career in Gatsibo in 2005, where he nurtured young talent on the Gakenke field. Parents from surrounding areas such as Rubiri, Gakenke, Rubona, and Kiramuruzi soon flocked to bring their children to his training sessions, recognizing his ability to transform young players into skilled athletes.

Throughout his career, Ntirenganya coached numerous teams and contributed to the growth of football in Rwanda. He was instrumental in shaping the careers of players like Manishimwe Djabel and Ndayishimiye Celestin, who both rose to prominence under his mentorship. Ntirenganya's influence extended beyond Gatsibo to other districts, including Kayonza, where he continued to foster young talent.

His passing marks a significant loss for Rwandan football, particularly in the Eastern Province, where his legacy of dedication and passion for the sport remains. Jean de Dieu Ntirenganya will be remembered as a coach who not only trained athletes but also inspired them to reach their full potential.

A recent photo of Niyomukiza Faustin with Coach Ntirenganya 

Ntirenganya's early departure leaves a void in Rwandan football