FPR-Inkotanyi Consoles Bereaved Family in Rubavu Tragedy

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:24/06/2024 11:29
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On June 23, 2024, the Ministry of Local Government announced that one person died and 37 others were injured in a stampede at the exit gate of a campaign rally for the FPR-Inkotanyi party in Rubavu.

The incident occurred on Sunday, June 23, 2024, as FPR-Inkotanyi candidate Paul Kagame continued his campaign for the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for July 14-16, 2024. Over 250,000 attendees from Rubavu, Rutsiro, and Nyabihu districts had gathered at Gisa site in Rugerero sector.

Following the rally, a stampede ensued as the crowd attempted to leave, resulting in one fatality and multiple injuries. The FPR-Inkotanyi expressed their condolences on social media, stating, "The FPR-Inkotanyi is deeply saddened and stands in solidarity with the family who lost their loved one due to the stampede at the campaign site in Rubavu. We will continue to support and monitor the injured."

The Ministry of Local Government, MINALOC, released a statement saying, "The medical team on site did everything possible, but unfortunately one person lost their life, and 37 others were injured. Most of the injured are being treated at Gisenyi Hospital, with four critically injured individuals transferred to major hospitals in Kigali for further care." MINALOC extended sympathies to the bereaved family and urged rally attendees to follow safety guidelines to ensure security and order at campaign events.

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