REG VS's Muvara Ronald Legally Weds Umuhoza Mariam After 7-Year Courtship

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:21/06/2024 11:37
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Muvara Ronald, a key player for REG Volleyball Club and the national team, celebrated a significant milestone with his partner Umuhoza Mariam, culminating a seven-year romance. The couple's journey began during their time at Rusumo High School, blossoming into a deep bond that has endured through their respective careers and personal growth.

Their union is set to be solemnized on July 30, 2024, at the Rebero Hill, with preparations underway at EAR Remera. The forthcoming wedding promises to be a celebration of love and commitment, reflecting the enduring affection that has sustained them through their educational pursuits and professional achievements.

Muvara Ronald, renowned for his stellar performances in volleyball since 2013, initially honed his skills at Rusumo High School before joining APR VC in 2017. His journey continued with Gisaga in 2020, and he has recently excelled at REG VC, establishing himself as a prominent athlete in Rwanda's volleyball scene. His forthcoming marriage marks a new chapter in his personal life, alongside his continued sporting success.

As preparations unfold for their special day, Muvara Ronald and Umuhoza Mariam's story serves as an inspiration, showcasing the power of love and dedication in the face of both personal and professional challenges. Their wedding is anticipated not only as a union of hearts but also as a celebration of their shared commitment to each other's happiness and fulfillment.

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