President Kagame Advocates for Integrity in Kinyarwanda Language Usage

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:7/05/2024 14:53
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President Paul Kagame reiterated the significance of preserving indigenous languages and cultural heritage during a gathering at the BK Arena on Tuesday, May 7th, 2024, marking the 10th anniversary of the Youth Volunteers movement, attended by over 7,500 participants.

Addressing the audience, President Kagame praised the achievements and resilience demonstrated by the Youth Volunteers over the past decade. He emphasized the importance of their work, which encompasses various activities such as community service, collaboration, and innovation.

President Kagame highlighted the enduring importance of the Kinyarwanda language, expressing concern over its diminishing usage in contemporary contexts. He illustrated how nuances in language, such as the use of 'nabwo' versus 'ntabwo,' significantly affect meaning and communication.

Furthermore, President Kagame emphasized the need for linguistic precision, citing examples of commonly misused terms such as 'guhereza' (to send) in ecclesiastical contexts. He urged vigilance in the usage of language to accurately convey intended meanings.

He also advocated for a deeper understanding and appreciation of cultural nuances, stressing the importance of promoting indigenous languages and cultural practices. He urged individuals to avoid adopting foreign linguistic conventions at the expense of their cultural identity.

President Kagame encouraged citizens to take pride in their linguistic heritage and to actively contribute to its preservation and promotion. He emphasized the pivotal role of language in shaping national identity and fostering social cohesion.

Moreover, President Kagame called for increased efforts to promote multilingualism and ensure equitable access to education in Rwanda. He underscored the government's commitment to supporting language preservation initiatives and fostering a culture of linguistic diversity.

In conclusion, President Kagame reaffirmed his commitment to language preservation and cultural identity, urging all Rwandans to actively participate in safeguarding their linguistic heritage for future generations. He stressed that linguistic diversity is a source of strength and resilience for the nation.

The President's remarks underscored the importance of language preservation as a cornerstone of Rwanda's cultural identity and national development agenda.

President Kagame emphasized integrity in both speaken and written Kinyarwanda, urging the Youth Volunteers to actively participate in preserving the language's richness pivotal for Rwanda's development journey