Know Your History - Paul Kagame Tells Miss Naomie the Meaning of Being a Lion

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:9/07/2024 15:30
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On Tuesday, July 9, 2024, Presidential candidate Paul Kagame addressed Miss Rwanda 2020, Nishimwe Naomie, and others in a discussion emphasizing the importance of understanding Rwanda's history to secure its future progress. This dialogue took place at the historic Mulindi w’Intwari in Byumba, a site significant for Rwanda's liberation struggle.

Kagame highlighted that the liberation struggle was fought with sheer determination and belief in their cause, not with any guaranteed assurances of victory. He reiterated that the success achieved was a result of relentless effort and perseverance, not by foreseeing an inevitable triumph.

During the interaction, Miss Nishimwe Naomie, a notable social media influencer, asked Kagame how young Rwandans, accustomed to peace and development, could embody the spirit of a lion. 

Kagame responded by stressing the importance of knowing and understanding Rwanda's history, acknowledging that the current peace and progress are hard-earned.

Kagame underscored that protecting these achievements involves being truthful and discerning, especially on social media. He reminded the audience that even in peacetime, the battle for truth and integrity continues, and every Rwandan must be ready to confront challenges for the greater good of the nation.

Kagame said being a Lion means tackling personal, family, and national challenges

Miss Naomie Nishimwe asked Kagame what it takes to be a Lion in life's journey