Chryso Ndasingwa Rocks BK Arena with Heavenly Performance

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:6/05/2024 11:31
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Renowned gospel artist Ndasingwa Jean Chrysostome, also known as Chryso Ndasingwa, graced the BK Arena stage with his soulful melodies, leading thousands of Christians in a night of worship and praise. The event marked the launch of his latest album, "Wahozeho," in a spectacular concert held on Sunday, May 5, 2024.

The concert, attended by a multitude of believers, showcased performances from various artists including Aime Uwimana, Josh Ishimwe, True Promises, Himbaza Club, Papi Clever, Dorcas, Uwineza Rachel, and Asaph Ministries International, among others.

Hailing from the Newlife Bible Church Kicukiro, Ndasingwa has been a prominent figure in gospel music for over three years, delivering powerful messages of faith and hope through songs like "Ndakwihaye," "Wahozeho," "Ntajya Ananirwa," and "Ntayindi Mana."

The atmosphere at Chryso Ndasingwa's concert was electric, with attendees expressing profound gratitude and reverence for the divine. In an interview, Ndasingwa expressed his appreciation for the overwhelming support, stating, "It's heartwarming to see how people resonate with the message in my music. I'm grateful to God and to all those who have supported me on this journey."

The concert also saw Aime Uwimana, a bishop among gospel artists, being honored for his significant contributions to the genre. Reflecting on his musical journey, Uwimana emphasized the importance of praising God and spreading His message of love and redemption.

Among the performers, Papi Clever and Dorcas delivered a moving rendition of their gospel hits, touching the hearts of the audience with songs like "Agura amaraso ye" and "Impamvu z'ibifatika," inspiring believers to deepen their faith and devotion to God.

Josh Ishimwe, known for his soulful worship songs, captivated the audience with his stirring performance, reminding listeners of God's enduring love and grace. His songs, such as "Uri Imana yo gushimagizwa" and "Nzohaguruka ndirimbe," resonated deeply with the crowd, stirring feelings of gratitude and reverence.

Throughout the concert, speakers like ApĂ´tre Ndagijimana Yoshua Masasu and Dr. Utumatwishima Jean Nepo Abdallah encouraged attendees to draw closer to God and embrace His blessings. Their messages, rooted in scripture, emphasized the transformative power of faith and worship.

As the night unfolded, Chryso Ndasingwa took center stage, delivering soul-stirring performances of his chart-topping hits. From "Wakinguye ijuru" to "Ni Nziza," Ndasingwa's music uplifted spirits and inspired believers to praise God wholeheartedly.

In his closing remarks, Ndasingwa expressed his gratitude to God and the audience, urging everyone to continue seeking God's presence in their lives. As the concert came to an end, attendees left BK Arena uplifted and spiritually rejuvenated, carrying the message of faith and worship in their hearts.

Chryso Ndasingwa announced that his mission is spreading Jesus' love through music, collaborating with Africa's finest gospel artists