Jado Sinza's Redemption Live Concert: A Showcase of Talent and History

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:18/03/2024 9:49
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In an electrifying event that captivated audiences, renowned musician Jado Sinza orchestrated the "Redemption Live Concert" at Camp Kigali, while Zoravo etched history with his inaugural performance in Rwanda.

Following two successful concerts held at Dove Hotel, Jado Sinza, a seasoned performer, delivered an exceptional performance at Camp Kigali. The concert was attended by a diverse audience, including esteemed figures in the realm of praise and worship in Rwanda, such as Aline Gahongayire and Tonzi.

This concert marked a significant milestone for Jado Sinza, who had been preparing for it diligently for several days, incorporating some of his unreleased songs expected to hit the airwaves soon. During the event, he also unveiled his latest album titled "Inkuru y'agakiza" (Story of Redemption), receiving accolades from the senior pastor of ADEPR Rwanda.

True Promises, the opening act, stirred the audience with their soul-stirring melodies, showcasing some of their most beloved songs, including "Ni umukiza" (He is Savior) and "Umwami ni mwiza pe" (The Lord is exceedingly good), among others.

As anticipated, Bosco Nshuti graced the stage before Jado Sinza, setting the mood for the night. Initially slated to perform solo, Bosco Nshuti altered the program upon witnessing Jado Sinza's performance, opting instead to join him on stage for a duet. This impromptu collaboration left the audience in awe, with Bosco Nshuti praising Jado Sinza's vocal prowess and expertise in delivering a captivating performance.

Following his solo set, which included some of his hit songs alongside collaborations with Zoravo, Jado Sinza extended an invitation to Zoravo to join him onstage. Zoravo, making his debut in Rwanda, took the stage by storm, immediately capturing the audience's attention with his dynamic presence and unique sound.

As Zoravo took center stage, the crowd surged forward, eager to witness his performance. Despite initial apprehensions, Zoravo seamlessly adapted to the atmosphere, engaging with the audience and delivering a stellar performance. His debut in Rwanda marked a historic moment, with Zoravo expressing his gratitude for the warm reception and promising to continue writing his name in the annals of Rwandan music history.

In the aftermath of the concert, attendees lingered, discussing the night's events and the remarkable performances they had witnessed. Although the concert faced some unexpected twists and turns, including changes in the lineup and timing, it ultimately concluded on a high note, leaving attendees awestruck by the talent on display and eagerly anticipating future collaborations between Jado Sinza and Zoravo.

The 'Redemption Live Concert' by Jado Sinza was a resounding success

Bosco Nshuti joined Jado Sinza on stage to assist him in his concert

Zoravo, originally from Tanzania, embarked on an extensive study to Rwandan artists

Diverse crowds attended the 'Redemption Live Concert' by Jado Sinza

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