The team is back to life-President of As Muhanga after being elected

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:30/08/2023 11:35
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Kimonyo Juvenal after being appointed to lead the As Muhanga team, announced that the team is going to be rebuilt so that the fans see it as pure.

Last week, the As Muhanga community elected a new club committee, where Kimonyo Juvenal was appointed as the new manager of the club for the next two years. Kimonyo Juvenal was elected to replace Ndayisaba Jean Damascene who recently resigned due to illness.

Talking to InyaRwanda, Juvenal said that the team is going to have life again and compete as usual. He said, "It is true that As Muhanga should have life as it was before, and there should be an increase in strength so that the team goes from the second division to the first. There are players who have signed contracts, there are others who still have contracts, that's why we have to sit down and look for players who will meet those who still have contracts.

Returning to the money that the region gives to the team if it does not become an obstacle, the President said that everything will be fine. He said, "it is true that As Muhanga is a team of the people in cooperation with the region. There is money that the region allocates to the team, but the team is not supported only by the region, especially because the region is responsible for a lot, that is why we are looking for ways to get money, including Finding sponsors, the commitment of the fans, and we have talked about it well enough will be successful."

The Muhanga district is currently paying 80 million Rwandans to the As Muhanga team, which is expected to be increased.

The president concluded by asking the fans to return to the stadium because they are going to see the team, which he says is the main goal of the new administration."

As Muhanga was last in the first division in the 2020-2021 game year, only since he was relegated to the second division and was forced to resign due to financial constraints.

Kimonyo Juvenal, is the new director of As Muhanga for the next two years

The executive committee that is going to lead As Muhanga must fight the battle to return to the first division