Navio speaks after his mother announced that she gave birth to him by accident

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:18/08/2023 10:05
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After the mother of the rapper Navio said that she gave birth to him by an accident that was not planned, the rapper said that nothing would disturb him as they were already living together.

Three months ago, Mrs Magie Kigozi, the mother of rapper Navio, announced that the singer's birth was not something that had been decided as a family, but her mother's pregnancy was not something planned.

When she explained how she got pregnant unexpectedly, she said that she and her husband had decided to have two children and they actually had a son and a daughter at that time and they felt that these children were enough.

Later, this mother Magie found herself pregnant with another unwanted third child who was not even part of the family plan but because the child is a blessing, she gave birth to him and raised him with love.

Since then, the 39-year-old rapper Navio, who started making music in 2000, has not said anything about his mother's public statements.

When he was in an interview with the media talking about his show that he is preparing for, he said that his mother is happy and he has no problem with the fact that he was born in a way that was not planned by his family because he is loved like other children.

"My mom did an interview three months ago saying that I was born outside of the family plan but they love me so it's okay," Navio said.

Even though he was born out of the order of his family, Navio is the child that his mother loves more than his brothers and he was never happy that he went into music because he felt that he would do a normal job like being a doctor as this mother is also a prominent doctor in Uganda. .

Navio is born with two other siblings including doctor Michelle Kigozi and another musician Freddie Kigozi but his mother urged him since he was a child to first study to get a degree in university as this rapper started to love and sing when he was very young.

On November 2, 2023, Navio will hold a concert to celebrate 20 years of making music in Uganda and he has written a book that will be a platform for young artists who want to progress in Ugandan music.

The fact that Navio was born outside of his family's plans means nothing to him.

Navio's mother, who is a doctor, recently announced that Navio was born out of the family's plans and was born by accident.