Croatia: Police are hunting 10 Burundians who escaped from World Cup games

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:11/08/2023 11:49
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10 out of 13 athletes under the age of 19, who were representing the country of Burundi, are being hunted by the police after they escaped without finishing the competition.

The police in the country of Croatia have begun to hunt down the players of the Burundi national team who are playing the handball game and escaped before they finished the World Cup games they were going to play. 13 players who represented the country of Burundi 10 disappeared while they had one game left. 

The Uruguayan Under-19s escaped on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, after a game they lost to the United States of America 33 to 26 goals.

After the disappearance of those 10 players, the Burundi National Handball team of under-19s was withdrawn from the competition with one game remaining because only three of the 13 players who represented the country of Burundi were left.

The Burundi National Handball Team under 19 was supposed to play a match against the youth of Bahrain on Thursday afternoon, June 10, 2023.

Sources from Croatia say that the Croatian National Police has started a search for the missing players who are said to have escaped after the defeat by the United States of America.

10 people who escaped from World Cup Games are being wanted by Croatian Police