How to please your parents

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:11/08/2023 11:39
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All children wherever they come from have a responsibility to respect everyone but especially children have a responsibility to please their parents not by giving them money or anything else.

In fact, he is not ashamed to say that he needs a bad relationship between him and his biological father; because what a child needs are his parents.

Being a good parent helps you in many ways, both in counseling and in other ways.

Taking care of your relationship with your parents will make your family peaceful and loving and you will benefit from it.

How should you behave if you want to have a good relationship with your mother?

1. Spend time with your parents.

As a child, it's good that you want to spend time with your parents so that you can stay healthy and get what you need. , you haven't talked to your parents.

By wanting to spend time with you, it makes him happy and he trusts you because he sees the believer not as a parent but as a friend.

2. Ask for advice.

Asking your mother for advice like this is good, it makes her happy, it shows her that she has a good child and that she loves him.

3. Respect each other even if you disagree.

As a child, it is good to respect your parent's decisions because it makes him happy. As we said above, your parent does not need your money to be happy, what he needs most is you and your heart, and to show him respect through respecting him.

4. Take responsibility.

Your mother will be very happy that her child took responsibility and will take it well. In your life, strive to take responsibility whether it is what you ask to do or what you do to continue living well.

5. At school, strive to succeed.

Every parent is happy for a child who succeeds in school. So if you also want to have fun and be happy, this is the time to know that success in school will help you achieve your goals.

Source: Translation from Inyarwanda.com