Find more and reasons why many people talk with themselves

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:9/08/2023 13:50
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Many people often come across situations where there are people who see it and think that it is a distraction, it is only because of the many ideas that a person has and sometimes it is good only when it is too much it is not good.

Various studies, including those conducted by 'Healthline', 'Cleverland Clinic', say that "Talking to yourself" can occur when you are thinking too much, often when debating decisions or conclusions.

While some people do it to help them fight loneliness, there are also those who do it sometimes in an inappropriate way that can cause them stress, which could indicate a mental health problem.

Some of the reasons why people talk to themselves

It is more common for people to talk to themselves than not. One study says that 96% of adults say they have internal conversations.

Most people talk in everyday situations. Often doing it is seen in a negative light, but doing it helps you understand the world around you and helps you get rid of loneliness when you are alone.

Research has often shown that internal conversations are more like conversations with other people and can be taken for granted.

Internal communication is generally similar to how you would communicate with others. This type of conversation can happen silently in your head or be spoken out loud.

Other times you may find yourself talking or seeing someone else do it; This is another method that a person can use when he is struggling with many different ideas to make a certain decision and alone when there are many things that he can talk to himself.

There are those who do it for self-defense and mental relaxation; When people talk to themselves, they are able to express what is bothering them or what is not going well in their life or they talk about what makes them happy and they find it helps them relax mentally.

You may wonder if self-talk has anything to do with mental health

There are some situations where self-talk can be a sign of mental health. It is very common among young people often when they have gone through many and difficult times.

One of the main signs that there is a problem with self-talk is that you have negative thoughts. Your thoughts are where your thoughts are with the most stress.

Experts advise that if you feel very bad, you should contact a mental health professional to help you because it is treatable and goes away when it gets bad.

Most people call it illusion and mental relaxation