Tanzania: Women and youth encouraged to participate in agricultural activities

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:7/08/2023 10:08
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Women and young people are always at the forefront of the world's activities in general, and they make a great contribution to building families and the confidence of their country.

In addition to the fact that women and youth in general are involved in many activities and do well when they participate in them, they are among those who play a major role in various activities, and the results they produce make a big difference in the world, supporting their families even in difficult times.

Some are looking for ways to achieve their dreams of self-sufficiency and increasing their economic status, but the ways to do so are close to their minds. This means that serious thinking can provide healthy ways to achieve your dreams. 

One person said that the lack of a tie can make a dress wearable, but it only enhances it when it's also added to one's wardrobe.

The lack of power of women and youth in agricultural production can be seen as normal when production is available, but their participation and their efforts would join others in these activities, resulting in a significant increase in the economy, problems that were difficult to solve.

The important role of youth and women in increasing agricultural activities and self-sufficiency in food is one of the needs to eliminate the hunger that affects some countries in the world, due to the lack of food, and to reduce some negative activities caused by multiplying the number of people who have nothing to do.

President Samia Suluhu and the Minister of Agriculture in Tanzania, Hussein Bashe, strongly supported women and youth in food programs and agricultural development, saying that their participation would improve the welfare of the people, according to The Citizen.

They said, "It was not difficult to find the theme of Nane Nane 2023", but it was created with the aim of mobilizing women and youth to participate in agricultural activities, and encouraging them to have goals that give life confidence in building the future.

The Tanzanian government has started this activity with the theme "Nane Nane 2023", in order to deal with the problems caused by obtaining agricultural products in this country and in other countries of the world.

A woman who has a lot of value in the family and prepares meals often, it is good that she understands the activities that increase productivity, and the youth like the national workers take their hands out of their pockets and work.

Due to the modern technology, and the purpose of building a modern economy, every effort is needed in activities including agriculture, in dealing with climate change, which causes problems including the production of food.