20 children from underprivileged families who are helped by Nufashwa Yafasha graduated nursery school

Author: Nadia Kangabe
On:18/07/2023 13:49
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More than 20 children from underprivileged families who are supported by Nufashwa Yafasha organization have graduated from nursery school.

It is a ceremony that took place on Saturday, July 15, 2023. It took place in Ngarama in Gatsibo District. ISANGO STAR Bujyacyera reporter Jean Paul known as Guterman Guter, founder of the Nufasha Yafasha Organization that helps disadvantaged children and their families, there was a ceremony to close the school for about 20 orphans who come from disadvantaged families and receive free education.

It is a ceremony marked by children's events that include games, showing what the children have learned in different subjects, as well as different communities, mainly the management of the school "NUFASHA YA FASHA NURSERY SCHOOL", parents and guests who came with this reporter. in the city of Kigali.

Talking to Inyarwanda, he announced that "Education and education of children, especially children of fraud, is everyone's role, he says that they will continue to help children as much as they can, thanking partners who continue to help them, including interaction with parents, Sulfo Industries, Asafi ltd, Manoa Family Foundation Charity founded by artist Manoa ISHIMWE located in the United States of America, and others.”

The representative of the parents on behalf of other parents thanked this journalist Gutermann Guter and the organization he founded, asking him to do everything possible for the children to continue studying at this school.

The journalist was accompanied by his friends who are mainly journalists who work at ISANGO STAR including Emma Bruno Mbonyuwera, SIBOMANA Orgene, Gakunzi Blaise who is famous in sports, Theo Twahirwa known as Theo Manager (who has looked after the interest of artistes like Social Mula, Kid Gaju and others) By God Yvan who is known for Sunday Night and Isango na Muzika, Allen Bitega of Flash FM/TV, NKIDI PATRICK of Energy Radio operating in Musanze, SEAN P photographer and others.

More than 20 children from underprivileged families who gets help from Nufashwa Yafasha Organazation graduated nursery school

Journalist Guterman Guter who is the founder of this organazation

The children's parents was also present during this ceremony