England: Ada Danie talks about dogs which she adopted, rather than giving birth to children – PHOTOS

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:6/06/2023 14:26
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Ada Danie talks about dogs which she adopted, rather than giving birth to children.

Senior, Ada Danie aged 108 revealed reasons why she’s lived for such a long period time in life and said that the reason is due to the fact that she adopted a dog, rather than having a child. 

The senior, Ada Danie who is 108 years old but the homecare is celebrating her 105th years old, because the party didn't happen, says that life lessons that she learned so hardly regards adopting dogs, rather than giving birth to children, and that doing so extends their life expectancy to those who choose that conviction. 

While females are not happy with life without offspring, the elder Ada Daniel chose to adopt dogs in place to having children for her entire life. 

It is said that she did not give a birth to a child, whosoever, and rather, she chose to live with dogs, and many more. 

At her birthday party, she received so many birthday gifts and cards. At this day, she explained that her long life was originated from not giving birth to children, adopting dogs, rather. 

Ada was surprised by her friends on her birthday, and was given around 300 envelopes of gifts, celebrating her 105th birthday; she is now aged 108 years old, but is celebrating her 105th, because 105th was not celebrated. 

It was reported that she preferred not to give birth to a child because she did not want to get older so quickly and reported that his family shrank as she has no child, no grandson; she is as if a lone.

Kelly Goucher, coordinator at Ashmere, reported that “Ada does no longer have a big family, because she didn't give birth to children nor to grandson, whosever” [translated]. 

Kelly continued by saying that this elder she doesn’t regret not to have a child because she wouldn’t have lived for such a long period of time if she had a child, rather she reports that adopting dogs satisfies her and greater than living together with others.

Although she is senior and elder ages, she is not worried about her age; rather she is satisfied for dogs closer to her. She adds that she does not see importance of having children, and to her, she doesn’t regret it.

As reported, Ada Danie lives at Codnor Park Care Home, in Codnor, Derbyshire, and has been living there since 2015. 

Ada Dana says that her long life is originated from not giving birth to children

Not having children or grandsons is not a big deal to her; rather she preferred to adopt dogs.