Valencia penalized because its fans expressed racist remarks to the Real Madrid's Vinicius

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:25/05/2023 11:27
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Valencia has been penalized because its fans expressed racist remarks to Vinicius. Vinicius voiced his case where he said racism in La Liga is real that he was racially abused in this Spanish Football League, repeatedly.

Recently, fans directed racist remarks to the player. They screamed at him, monkey, monkey…

Following the Incident, Vinicius voiced his remarks to discourage racism in La Liga. Following his voice, several football players including Kylian Mbappe and La Liga President expressed their voices that the player is not alone.

Vinicius's voice having been heard, Valencia was fined and sanctioned with partial stadium closure for five matches.

In addition to the sanctions, Valencia has been fined 45000 euros.

Vinicius is Vinícius José Paixão de Oliveira Júnior, Real Madrid Brazilian player.  

Valencia has been fined and sanctioned following Vinicius's voice regarding racist remarks by the team fans heard