Alexis Dusabe, organizer of “East African Gospel Festival," asked concerts to be carried out outdoor, not inside churches

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:17/05/2023 0:56
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Alexis Dusabe who became popular in the industry of gospel songs in Rwanda has explained more about a concert which will gather together public figures in the industry of gospel songs and asked churches top leaders to opt concerts outdoor, not inside the churches.

The most popular gospel singer, Alexis Dusabe, who have been experienced in singing gospel songs, reflected on a concert he has been preparing which will gather together public figures in the later industry in the region, various top leaders of the church, and believers, including youths. 

Dusabe who is popular and experienced in gospel songs has talked about his concert, which will take place on May 21st, 2023, in Camp Kigali. It is a concert in which he invited Apostle Apollinaire, Prosper Nkomezi, Aime Uwimana, and David Nduwimana. 

In Correspondences with Ihumure TV, Alexis Dusabe asked top leaders of churches to opt for concert outdoor, not inside of churches, because having the concert carried out inside churches gives reason for many not to come or get frightened to go to places to which their beliefs don’t belong, but when put them public, they all get involved. 

He has said that many concerts are getting prepared which will happen aiming at preaching, especially youth about reproductive health, which has been a concerning topic, nowadays, avoiding drug abuses, which affect negatively the future of the country and God’s face, and other teachings. 

He also talked about another concert which will happen in July in Petit Stade, which will be joined by many popular artists in Rwanda, including Israel Mbonyi who has been is very popular in the industry gospel songs. 

Alexis Dusabe asks concerts to be performed outside of churches, where conveniently accessible to all