Biography: Serge lyamuremye Professional Gospel Artist

Author: Umutesiwase Raudwa
On:14/02/2023 19:28
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Serge lyamuremye is mostly known for songs like 'Biramvura', Yesu Agarutse Yari niyewe and Arampagije Urugendo … others.

He joined gospel music in 2012 and He Won a lot of Awards Extreme Awards in Kenya Groove award Rwanda Maranatha Kenya….

His music has continued to see a boost ever "I cannot say that it has been an easy journey but as a Christian I leaned on God and He gave me strength to keep doing gospel music.

At times I had to invest a lot of money with no expectations of earning it back. Even though it took some time, God paved a way for me and things got smoother and started to earn some compared to the past years, Honestly, Gospel music industry today has a lot of money but I also think it is not better than it used to be in the past because we used to make songs expecting nothing to come out it. 

But now, some artistes do gospel music with a target of making money on their YouTube channels and wondering how much money they will make from iTunes rather than spreading the gospel. The love and passion of doing gospel music has declined a lot over the year