Jobs, paid internship and scholarship is available, Register Now

Author: Umutesiwase Raudwa
On:26/01/2023 18:30
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Jobs, paid internship and scholarship is available, Register for Digital Marketing, full stack web and software development offline training courses in Kigali Rwanda

WeDTC has enough training rooms for offline training, competitive teaching materials like syllabus and strong, experienced team who had been working from reputable digital institutions

Again, WeDTC has agency called DASIA- Digital Agency Solution In Africa, which provides Digital services including but not limited to Digital Marketing, web and software development, etc., that’s where one of our trainees are going to get hired or 6-months professional/paid internship.

Why should you learn digital courses with WeDTC now?

 People/clients spend much time online, means business should be online

 Digital marketing is cheaper and high productivity than traditional ones

 Expensive and low-quality standards for some available digital courses.

Inadequacy and High cost of digital marketing professionals.

 High demand of digital professionals than supply

 Some developers are not professionals and others have some inadequacy skills to perform full stack job.ow will WeDTC provide competent training and what guaranteed jobs or paid internships?

Upcoming Courses:

 Digital marketing courses: 45+modules

 Full stack web and software development: 17+ modules


           Get skills and well-paying job

           Get skills and 6months paid internship

 Get skills and start your own digital business

 Scholarship available

Why should I register now?

The jobs and 6months paid internship available from our recruiters are high than registered trainees.

Where: Offline at WeDTC training center-KN 70 ST, 3rd Floor-Florida House, Nyarugenge, Kigali- Rwanda

Few hours remaining, please register now: https://wedtc.rw/

Inquiry: Visit: 3rd Floor-Florida House

Call or whatsapp:  +250791944430/ +250791944431