The only place to watch the World Cup is at SKOL Football Village (CAMP KIGALI) and wins big awards.

Author: InyaRwanda
On:7/12/2022 11:00
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SKOL Football Village is located in Kigali, known as Camp Kigali. It is the only place to watch the World Cup game that seems to be at the stadium, and can even win a ticket to go to watch the African Cup final next year.

The area, which was set up by the SKOL factory, has become a jerk for the joy of giving to the audience of the World Cup. The World Cup has now reached 1/4 of the finals, where on the 5th, the teams return to the stadium in the games as a match that will connect Brazil and Croatia at 17 p.m:00 PM and at 21:00 PM Argentina will play with Holland.

The next day, at 17:00 PM Portugal will play Maroc, and then at 21:00 PM UK play with France. All of these games people will follow them in SKOL Football Village in an unprecedented way. There will be a great image, and it is up to date where you look at a player as if you are together.

Another advantage is that as a SKOL that sells soft and alcoholic drinking, in SKOL Football Village, it will all be at a very low cost as opposed to normal. In SKOL Football Village and people who want to have food get it at a lower price so that they follow the game without thirst, no hunger, the joy is a series.

Another thing you can know about this village designed by SKOL is that watching the World Cup there can make you win a ticket that allows you to watch the final African Cup CHAN, which will be held in Algeria next year.

You achieve this when you are able to win the Kicker games that are still in line with the World Cup game, which means that Friday in Kicker will also start the 1/4th game.

It’s not just Kicker because there are also Video Games known as Play Station (PS) where it is also played in the match you are in, the winner will be given new PS5 accessories