Senegal star Sadio Mane will not play in this year's World Cup

Author: Umutesiwase Raudwa
On:9/11/2022 13:27
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Senegal and Bayern Munich national team player Sadio Mane will not play this year's World Cup in Qatar, due to his injuries on Tuesday night.

Bayern Munich's Sadio Mane, who played for Bayern Munich last night, suffered an injury in the German Bundesliga league game, is in the Bayern Munich match against Werder Bremen where it won 6-1. The player left the field in just the 20th minute, replacing Leloy Sane due to his injury.

The news that woke up on social media said the player will spend 13 days outside without playing and getting a good recovery, thus making it clear that there was no problem with the World Cup he would be back.

According to the newspaper l'equipe, the player will not play this year's World Cup in Qatar due to his serious injury that does not allow it. The player had an injury problem with "Tendon" and he already had a problem there. Sadio Mane is broken one day before Senegal's coach, Aliou Cissé calls on players to use in the World Cup.

Sadio Mane will not play the World Cup