Know who Jeffrey Dahmer is: The serial killer and sex offender

Author: Umutesiwase Raudwa
On:20/10/2022 12:02
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In addition to the American Theodore Robert Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Zodiac Killer and others; he is also one of the most famous of the most memorable murderers in World History for his cruelty.

The other is Jeffrey Dahmer who has been given the names including Milwaukee Cannibal or The Milwaukee Monster. The American man was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on May 21, 1960, and was killed in 1994.

These days in the internet search, the man is among the most visited, on various sites and in many conversations.

He was re-released for a modern film on Netflix that was for him called “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”. It is a film that returns to the life of this man who died at the age of 34.

At his father and mother's home there was always a lot of shouting and tidy that his mother lived with a severe grief and had wanted to committee suicide but it didn't go as she planned. His father was not often at home because of his work as a Marquette University chemistry student and later a research chemist

As Jeffrey Dahmer grew up, he often appeared as a child who did not like to speak and one of the teachers who taught him in primary schools once figured out he had lonely illness due to his father's absence and mother's illness.

Dahmer's illness has been on the rise. Even at school he had a few friends. And usually he liked to see dead animals

At the age of 14 Dahmer went to high school at Revere High School. At the time he was so addicted to alcohol that he was not afraid to wake up to drinking, which is not a normal thing with alcohol lovers

When he arrived during his teenage years, Dahmer later discovered that he was homosexuals but his parents did not know. In those years he also fell in love with a boy but did not have sex.

Dahmer's behavior has changed until he arrives and is a slave to activities that include having sex with his fellow guys and masturbation. He was in his 16-year-old age at the time.

In 1977 Dahmer began to have a low score in home school and they found him a teacher but it was also for nothing.

That same year they also wanted to maintain a relationship looking for a counselor who had to help them so that they would not separate but in December they came to separate, Dahmer's brother David left with his mother while he was left where his family lived.

In 1978 when Dahmer was 18 years old he completed high school.

As he grew older, Dahmer still graduated from high school and tried to study at the University of Ohio (OSU) but did not finish it due to extreme drunkenness, and even dropped out of school after only three months.

In 1979 Dahmer went into the military as the early years of his well-behaved but in 1981 he began to behave badly because of drunkenness at the time he also came out of it and returned home.

Dahmer's supernatural killings began after the end of high school. The young man lived in ‘appartement’ in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

It was estimated that Dahmer killed 17 young men in July 1991, killing 17 young men. He was getting them from variety of places like in homosexuals bars and elsewhere.

He had assured them of the miracles of honor, and brought them home and tortured them. Some he raped dead and cut there heads, some heads were put in the refrigerator and other parts of the body.

He was caught because of Tracy Edwards he bought him from the bar and wanted to kill him, he managed to escape and called the police on July 22, 1991 that’s when he was arrested

Extreme cruelty to Jeffrey Dahmer


Sadness on those who know the story of Jeffrey Dahmer or his viewers of his film are how people he killed he was tortured them so much

Given that some he first removed their hearts, removed them from some parts of the body, kept them in the refrigerator, crucified them in a tragic way and so on, you would see that this young man had pleaded guilty to murder on the first day at his arrest, killed by grief.

Since September 21, 2022, when the film has 10 episodes were released, it has started to make people talk on social media and in various major newspapers in the United States and elsewhere in the world, his story cut off the storm.

As in a story passed by The Guardian, Tony Hughes' mother, Tony one of those killed by Jeffrey Dahmer, expressed dissatisfaction with the re-recovery of the story of what happened to her son's include.

The mother, usually known as Shirley Hughes, said her son was living with a deafness at the age of 31, who was killed in 1991, whose story was not worth re-recovery.

"It didn't have to go like this “repeat this film[. I don’t understand how they do it. I don’t understand how they use our names and how they put things out like those.”

In a story published by the Washington Post: ‘Dahmer’ is not a story what needs retelling’

In the story, journalist Bethonie Butler, who expresses grief over the film's retelling of Dahmer, for example, Rita Isbell, who was a sibling to Errol Lindsey who was killed by the killer in 1991

He also said that before the film was put out, the families of the victims had not been told, something he said was appropriate for Netflix to know the feelings of the victims of their families and if they would not be disturbed by the film itself.

The film was also criticized by some of the same-sex families or those with different feelings of sexuality (LGBTQ), they have been hit hard by American blacks but especially homosexuals that many of Dahmer's victims were members of the family.

Some artists have been attacked…

Artists Katy Perry and Kesha, once again questioned after the film ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ was out, as they used this man’s name in their songs

Like Katy Perry being attacked as a result of a song called “Dark Horse” he worked with Juicy J, he went out in 2013.

Aka Juicy J sounds like he says, "Uh, she's a beast/I call her Karma (come back)/She eats your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer (whoa!)/Be careful/Try not to lead her on (mm)."

Some people didn’t like it because it was a bad thing for the families of the victims killed by Jeffrey Dahmer

Kesha was attacked for her song "Cannibal" where she says “And for dessert, I'll suck your teeth/Be too sweet, and you'll be a goner/(Yeah) I'll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer."

People were so frustrated by this because they said Kesha was not supposed to give time in her song to a killed like him