Nigeria: Amnesty International stated that CCTV cameras at the Lekki toll gate were removed by Government Officials before protesters were shot to hide evidence

Author: Marie Clemence Cyiza Uwimanimpaye
On:22/10/2020 13:26
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Via Twitter, Amnesty International said in a statement that: “Amnesty International received reports that shortly before the shootings, CCTV cameras at the Lekki toll gate, where protesters had been camped for two weeks, were removed by Government officials and the electricity was cut - a clear attempt to hide evidence.#EndSARS”

Amnesty stated before, again via twitter “that they had received “credible evidence” that peaceful protestors were shot at, while witnesses have told Euronews that security forces had opened fire, hitting several demonstrators at the Lekki toll gate” stated Euronews.

 Amnesty said in a statement that they received reports that shortly before the shootings, CCTV cameras were removed

Yesterday, authorities imposed a 24 hours curfew in Lagos after gunshots.


This came after news indicated that celebrities who were among initiators of this cause fled the country after realizing they were in danger.


Among them are Davido who is said to have fled to the US, Wiz Kid to UK, Runtown to Rwanda, Joe Boy to Tanzania, and Tiwa Savage and many more who are believed to have found refuge in the US.


Protests started 13 days ago to beg the end of SARS police unit which is allegedly accused of violence, killings, traumatizing, raping and many other inhuman crimes.


The SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad) unity was created in 1992 with the aim of fighting against robbery but then it has been accused of obscene crimes named before, especially against young Nigerians.


This unit was dismantled on 11 October but it is said that President Buhari reinstated it in the national police which might be among other many reasons for protests against the government. Protests continue.