Mark The Chris and Iyso Pro Drop New Song Honouring Kagame's 30-Year Impact!

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:25/04/2024 17:20
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Rwandan musician Mark The Chris, currently based in France, has unveiled his latest song titled "Muzehe Wacu" (Our Hero), produced by Iyzo Pro. This heartfelt composition aims to celebrate the accomplishments of President Kagame and the progress of Rwanda and its people over the past three decades.

Produced by Iyzo Pro, "Muzehe Wacu" is a testament to Rwanda's journey towards global recognition and the resilience of its citizens. The song emerged from discussions between Mark The Chris and Iyzo Pro, reflecting on the transformation witnessed in Rwanda under President Kagame's leadership.

The artists involved in creating the song expressed their admiration for President Kagame and his vision for Rwanda's future. They believe that music serves as a powerful medium to convey messages of unity, progress, and national pride.

Mark The Chris, known for his contributions to the music scene in France, shared his excitement for this project. He emphasized the importance of acknowledging Rwanda's progress while staying connected to its roots, even from afar.

"This song is a testament to my love for my country and my deep respect for President Kagame's leadership," said Mark The Chris. "It reflects the achievements of the ruling party FPR-Inkotanyi and the resilience of the Rwandan people. I'm grateful to Iyzo Pro for his exceptional production skills and for helping me bring this vision to life."

Through "Muzehe Wacu," Mark The Chris and Iyzo Pro hope to inspire pride and unity among Rwandans worldwide. The song celebrates Rwanda's achievements in various sectors, including education, infrastructure, and social development.

The release of "Muzehe Wacu" coincides with Rwanda's ongoing initiatives for progress and development, both domestically and internationally. The artists aim to contribute to Rwanda's narrative of resilience and hope through their music.

Mark The Chris, who began his musical journey in France, emphasizes his commitment to using music as a tool for unity and empowerment. He shares his personal journey of discovering his passion for music and how he aims to inspire others through his art.

The artist also reflects on the challenges he faced and the inspiration he draws from Rwandan musicians such as Massamba Itore and Lucky Dube. Despite facing adversity, he remains determined to pursue his dreams.

Mark The Chris's dedication to his homeland and his collaboration with Iyzo Pro showcase the power of music to unite and inspire positive change. "Muzehe Wacu" stands as a testament to Rwanda's past accomplishments and its promising future on the global stage.

Mark The Chris said he was deeply moved by President's Kagame's deeds and initiatives, leading him to want to reflect them in his music

Iyso Pro announced that he composed the song after discussions with Mark The Chris