Legendary Rwandan Artist Ben Kayiranga is putting an end to his illustrious music career

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On:8/03/2016 16:49
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Ben Kayiranga, one of the pioneers of Rwandan music, has announced that he is retiring from any musical activity. Interesting enough, he will not completely leave his fans and music fans empty handed, for he is leaving with his fans a memory of his own.

Ben Kayiranga, after spending many years in the music industry, has earned his name in the history book. He is mostly renowned for his song Freedom, which was ranked fifth by BBC on the 28th January 2013, among 20 songs that changed the whole world with inspiring messages. BBC extolled the Rwandan artist for his song, stating that the beautiful message in the song had a great impact on the world.

ben kayiranga

On his world tour, Ben Kayiranga met many celebrities. Here, he is with the Canadian star Garou

Ben Kayiranga, after working with local and international artists, is ending his career. Nonetheless, not to the disappointment of his fans, he planned for two big concerts, one which is soon taking place in Rwanda, the other, on the European stage. He will invite various artists, who worked with him, to join hands in the artist’s festival. Ben Kayiranga organized these concerts as a way of appreciating his fans and supporters of music and ending his splendid career in style.

Albert Rudatsimburwa niwe wafashije Ben Kayiranga  gukora umushinga we wa mbere muri muzika

Albert Rudatsimburwa is the one who helped put in place Ben Kayiranga’s first project

After 30 years of resplendent work in the music industry, Ben Kayiranga, who will turn 50 in 2017, wants to put an end to his profession as an international artist. He announced this at an interview with’s reporter, stating that he has other lengthy projects to work on in coming years.

In 1982, Kayiranga stepped in Carlos’ technical school in Gatenga, and that is where he, along with his friends Karim and Minani, created a music group. Not after long, Kayiranga went to pursue his studies in France in the year 1984. At this point, the late Jean Christophe Matata was the role model of the young Kayiranga. The former even came to work with the rising artist, helping him out with songs in Reggae.

Ben Kayiranga aha hari kumwe na Jean Christophe Matata

Ben Kayiranga with late Jean Christophe Matata

Albert Bryan Rudatsimburwa worked side to side with Kayiranga on his first project in 1996. The latter worked with Christophe Matata, from 1997 to 2008, on two albums: Ninde (Liberte) and Mbabarira. Later on, he worked with Sonia Rolland, who was crowned Miss France 2000, with Rwandan origins, to launch his album Isekere.

During his career, Ben Kayiranga worked on many projects with different music icons. For instance, he worked with Frederic Lerner and Lokua Kanza. Particularly, he worked with French rap star Menelik on a song called Ihorere. He also worked, on two songs, with Ugandan artist Maurice Kirya and many others. He not only worked with international artists, but also producers. Namely, he recorded some songs with the help of French producer Ridha Beghila and Rwandans such as Fazzo, Lick Lick, Piano, Bob, Ishimwe Clement, Sly, Nicolas and Pastor P, who worked on Kayiranga’s last album Ntusige. Not to forget to mention video producers as Meddy Saleh, Bernard Bagenzi, Davido and Herve Ir – who made Design – worked along with the inspiring Rwandan artist.

Album Ben Kayiranga aheruka gushyira hanze yitwa Ntunsige

Ntusige, the latest album and masterpiece of Ben Kayiranga 

The Rwandan icon Kayiranga did not forget his friends, Rwandan artists. To mention but a few, Bruce Melodie, Edouce, Trezzor group, Dream Boys, Uncle Austin, Serge Iyamuremye, Butera Knowless, Nirere Shanel – and the list goes on – all worked with him. Kayiranga is currently talking with The Ben on a possible collaboration, and the former wants to put out a video of his song Ntusige, in relation with his album.

Aha Ben Kayiranga yaririmbanaga na Knowless indirimbo bakoranye. Hari mu gitaramo cyo kumurika album ya Knowless

Knowles and Ben Kayiranga performing their song during Knowles’s album launch

Kayiranga told that though he is retiring from music, he will not hesitate to help any artist coming to him with a project. At the end of the talk, he extended his gratitude to all the artists who helped him throughout his successful journey.

Pastor P wafashije cyane Ben Kayiranga mu gutunganya album Ntunsige

Kayiranga alongside Pastor P, who so helped him on his album Ntusige




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