Head of AHUPA, Ahmed Reveals Why Salax Award Winners Have Yet to Get Their Prizes

Author: Joselyne kabageni
On:13/05/2019 14:57
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31st March 2019, is the actual date that the award would have offered on since the vie started in Rwanda. Up to date, award winners have yet to receive prizes they deserve. have found out the reason behind it.

In an interview with the head of AHUPA in charge of Salax award event, Ahmed Pacifique said that it is true that award winners haven’t been given their prizes but they think about it. He promises that prizes in terms of money will be given to the winners this June 2019.

‘’ Registering for   the Salax award,  some artists started scooping out, which resulted into the sponsor thinking that the event was not going to get through, this forced me to use my own financial means to make sure this event happens. The problem was that in the middle of this incident, our sponsor  wasn’t available then,  but for the moment, they are and willing to give the money, once we receive it we will distribute it to the winners’’ he said

Bruce Melody expect to get 3 prizes

Ahmed Pacifique added, apart from these award winners who have yet to receive their awards, other artists who participated got theirs. The remaining 5 artists who didn’t receive theirs had litigates. Those  include: Sintex, Jay C, Trezzor Group, Aime Uwimana and Gentil Bigizi who have not yet received their 100000 frw for participation but promises they will get the money soon.

A reminder of salax award winners; Best female artist (Queen Cha), Best male artist (Bruce Melody), Best artist of the year (Bruce Melody), Best Gospel artist (Israel Mbonyi), Best upcoming artist ( Yvan Buravan), Best traditional artist (Mani Martin), Best group (Active), Best RnB( Bruce Melody), Best Afro beat artist (Uncle Austin), Best Hip Hop artist (Riderman)