Commemoration: Ally Soudy Tells a sad Story on his Family during the Genocide

Author: Joselyne kabageni
On:8/04/2019 10:58
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Uwizeye Ally known as Ally soudy, a former Rwandan journalist with sadness told a story on how he and his family hid in the dog den for days he cannot remember and later were found alive during the 1994 genocide against the tusti.

Rwandans are commemorating the genocide against the Tutsis for 25th anniversary, which killed  about a 1 million lives and left amputations  in their  hearts. Ally soudy says that the past 25 years now, both his grandmother and grandfather, Nyirabuhoro Anastasie and Hitimana Xavier, his mother  Wibabara Daphrose ,his aunties, uncles, cousins and nieces were killed in the genocide aftermath that blanketed the country in 1994.

8th April is a date that reminds Ally soudy so many things  because at the same date in 1994 what he remembers is that as perpetrators of the genocide intruded his home in Kabuga, Kigali. Heard their noise he and his family had to jump over home fence to run away.

Through his instagram account Ally posted ‘I remember on 8th march 1994, perpetrators invaded our home at Kabuga in kigali with the intention of killing all of us but their noise and the way they were hitting the door trying to enter helped us to hear them and we escaped, we passed at the back of our house and jumped our fence, we were with our mother because our father had passed away in 1993.

He continued; after jumping our fence we fell in our neighbors’ compound yard that helped us and hid us in her dog den. ‘’ We fell in a pastor’s compound who was our neighbor, she helped us and hid us because slaughters were still searching on us in the neighborhood.

We hid in that small den as we were seven in number, I don’t know how but we managed to fit, we came with our dog but for it stayed near the den and could not leave. I do not know the exact number of days we stayed there but perpetrators always searched the neighborhood for us but each time they came near the dog den, our dog barked and they could not come near and left saying that the den was too small for my family to fit in. After some days murders came back to the house where we were hiding, curious of the dog which was always there and barking as they they came closer, they decided to push the dog aside and when they opened the den, they found all of us therein, took us out and started getting the machetes ready to kill us all,fortunately, the time for us to die had yet to arrive.

After the testimony , Ally soudy was effortless however Tidjara Kabendera RBA journalist,was there to encourage him,''Allah who kept you alive is with you and the people we lost are in a better place. Stay strong’ Kabendera said to Ally.

A journalist Mike Karangwa, a former co- worker of Ally Soudy comforted him was there to comfort him as well, he said '' they will never be forgotten because you survived''. Alpha Rwirangira prayed God for helping  Ally Soudy.

Ally soudy is a Rwandan , married to Umwiza Carine and has 2 kids, Ally Waris Umwiza and Ally Gia – Bias born in kigali.