Tears still lingering in her eyes as she remembers the husband who left her 20 days after the death of their baby

Author: UDAHOGORA Vanessa Peace
On:25/03/2019 16:17
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Uwiragiye Pelagie is a young lady daring life in her yellow jacket, working as an agent for MTN Rwanda. She still lives with the pain of heartbreak and disappointment caused by her ex husband.

Marriage is a flashlight of happiness, bonding and love that flourishes into children. This can be the opposite when things go wrong. For Pelagie, it was a tough and sour experience that left her with little to no intention at all of getting married again. Her ex husband left her with a ton of responsibilities and without a penny.

INYARWANDA got to talk to Pelagie through her busy day and she knows very well that she is better off without a man. She says “When I remember the hardships he put me through, tears fall to the ground immediately. I don’t consider marrying again, unless God brings a good man with humour.”

Pelagie’s ex husband was a bank manager but he finished all his money in alcohol and women, she would pick him from bars when the hit. Their family was always broke and struggling to meet their basic needs. She insists that money is a big factor in the game of cheating.


Pelagie had a bad experience with marriage

Later, Pelagie hit her lowest low and decided to end the marriage. She had endured all the suffering until she lost a child. Only 20 days later, her husband who had lost his job suggested that he was going to his home village to sell some land in order to start a small business in the meantime, while searching for a new job. He left Pelagie and the children on their own and he did not come back for 7 months. When he finally came, Pelagie was shocked and thought it was someone who was trying to invade their house or trying to steal, because it was 3 AM! She opened the door and there he was, 7 months later! Pelagie summoned local authorities and asked that his ex husband returns to where he had left, and that was the end of their rocky marriage.

She is now building her own life, trying her best to provide for her kids. She thinks women should not be trapped in marriage for the fear of financial difficulties, because he started her small business by just 5,000Rwf that was offered by his father. She suggests that women should understand that their lives are more important, no need to stick by someone who mistreats you. She also thinks it’s better to get a divorce when the violence is too much, referring to recent homicide cases of couples.

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