All About 'Milele': The 26 Million Frw Masterpiece

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:6/06/2024 12:12
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Renowned musician and producer Fred Robinson Mugisha, widely known as Element, has once again captured the hearts of many with his latest release. The song, which was produced by the talented Madebeat, has been rapidly gaining popularity. Madebeat is notable for his recent public spat with Coach Gael. In just one day, the song amassed an impressive

This overwhelming response has deeply moved Element, who invested a significant amount of effort and resources into the project. In an interview with inyaRwanda, Director Gad, who managed and directed the music video, revealed numerous details about the production. Gad mentioned that the idea of shooting the video in Kenya was proposed by Element, who wanted to incorporate the culture of the Maasai people into the visuals.

After discussing the concept, it was presented to Element's management team, who approved it enthusiastically. Since the production was set in a foreign country, they enlisted the expertise of Kenyan video director Omoke Ogao. Ogao provided substantial assistance, including casting local actors and coordinating various aspects of the production, significantly contributing to the song’s success.

The project, titled "Milele," was a major endeavor involving a large team. According to Gad, the total cost of production reached approximately $20,000 (over 26 million Rwandan francs). Other key contributors included Junior Rumaga and Kenny K Shot, who were involved in the writing process, and Madebeat, who handled the mixing despite his recent disputes with Coach Gael. 

Bob Pro took care of the mastering, ensuring the song's high-quality sound. The song's release has elicited joy from many in the industry, including Coach Gael and artists like Christopher, Shaffy, and Prince Kiiiz, further solidifying Element’s reputation in the music world.

Element continues to showcase his unique talent in music production and singing