Alliah Cool Clarifies Alleged Split from Kigali Boss Babes Amidst Rumors

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:16/04/2024 15:38
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Alliah Cool, a well-known filmmaker; has made clarifications regarding recent rumors suggesting a rift between her and her associates within Kigali Boss Babes. She debunked claims of a split, emphasizing that the group initially formed as a team but evolved into a registered company at the Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

Insiders reveal that any perceived disagreements stemmed from differing perspectives on joint projects and ventures. Alliah Cool's focus on individual initiatives occasionally diverted from the collective goals of the group. Disagreements also arose regarding the sudden release of a film meant to portray their lives, which has since been put on hold.

After returning from Kenya on Monday evening, May 15, 2024, where she secured the 'Best Film Star Act' award, Alliah Cool addressed inquiries from journalists regarding the alleged split. She affirmed that Kigali Boss Babes remains intact, asserting that it operates as a registered company rather than a casual association.

"Kigali Boss Babes continues to operate. It's a company registered with the RDB and remains active," she clarified.

Members of Kigali Boss Babes assert a decade-long journey of shared successes, marked by their unique style and impactful financial ventures.

La Douce, a group member, described Kigali Boss Babes as a supportive forum for women, highlighting aspiration, determination, self-awareness, and perseverance.

Despite varied opinions, the dissolution rumors prompted discussions on the group's financial standing and societal contributions.

Alliah Cool addressed these rumors during an interview with Kiss FM, acknowledging that while perceptions may differ, she remains steadfast in her endeavors.

"I find visibility beneficial. If one doesn't see you, you're forgotten, but if they do, you're remembered," she remarked.

Reflecting on her recent accolades at the 'East Africa Arts Entertainment Awards,' Alliah Cool emphasized the societal impact of her cinematic endeavors.

Moreover, she dismissed claims linking her presence in Kenya solely to award ceremonies, underscoring her broader vision and international collaborations.

These Awards' panel incorporating an online voting category, bolstered her recognition, highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts in her journey.

With over 11 years in the cinema industry, Alliah Cool acknowledged the need to explore serialized content, indicating a shift in her creative approach.

While her cinematic achievements are commendable, she emphasized the significance of audience anticipation for her projects, ensuring every award announcement offers insights into her upcoming ventures.

Her recent award win among Eastern African communities signifies a milestone in promoting her work within the East African Community (EAC).

Alliah Cool remains a prominent figure in the film industry, recognized for her exceptional contributions, highlighting her latest project, 'Rwasa,' tittled Nelly, and is also a dedicated fan of the Rayon Sports Football Club.

Alliah Cool arrived in Kigali after winning the 'Best Film Star of the Year East africa' award

Alliah Cool announced that Kigali Boss Babes are not splitting up because they are a registered company