Pastor Julienne Kabanda welcomes fifth child: A blessing for Grace Room Ministry

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:25/03/2024 10:17
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In a testament to their faith and dedication, Pastor Julienne Kabanda, renowned for her influential ministry in Rwanda, along with her husband Pastor Kabanda Stanley, the head of Jubilee Revival Assembly, have welcomed their fifth child into the world.

The couple, known for their tireless work in spreading the word of God and fostering unity among different congregations, has been a beacon of hope and inspiration for many in Rwanda. 

Pastor Julienne Kabanda, in particular, has been instrumental in transforming lives and bringing about positive change through Grace Room Ministry, which has garnered widespread acclaim for its community outreach and empowerment initiatives.

Their latest addition to the family, a son, arrives amidst celebrations and blessings from well-wishers and congregants alike. This joyous occasion comes three years after the birth of their fourth child and a decade following the birth of their third child, was born in 2015.

During that time, Pastor Stanley Kabanda shared with the public that they named their newborn son Rhema Kabanda, signifying a divine message from God.

Blessing Teta Kabanda, is the first born of the pastoral couple, while their second daughter, Favour Tona Kabanda, known for her musical talents, continues to bring joy and inspiration through her music collaborations.

The journey of Jubilee Revival Assembly founded by Pastor Stanley and Julienne Kabanda in 2008, has been marked by unwavering faith and a commitment to spreading the gospel of freedom and redemption, as outlined in their mission statement "Blowing the trumpet of freedom" (Leviticus 25:8).

As they rejoice in the birth of their fifth child, the Kabanda family remains dedicated to serving their community and spreading the message of love, hope, and unity through their ministry and outreach programs.

Pastor Julienne Kabanda has given birth to her firth child

Pastor Stanley Kabanda and Julienne Kabanda have welcomed their fifth child

The whole family is excited to welcome the new baby boy