Multi-Talented artist Bahati Makaca faces crossroads: Canada or Rwanda?

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:22/03/2024 16:47
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In a compelling twist of fate, Bahati Makaca, an accomplished artist known for both his musical prowess and acting skills, finds himself at a critical juncture. Makaca's recent engagement to his partner, Cecile Unyuzimfura, has ignited discussions about their future residence. Will they settle in Canada or remain in Rwanda?

Their journey began on July 19, 2023, when Habiyambere Jean Baptiste, a close associate of Makaca within the Just Family collective, officiated their wedding ceremony. At that time, Cecile resided in Canada, adding complexity to their decision-making process.

As the newlyweds continued to deliberate, days turned into weeks, and speculation swirled about Makaca's pursuit of a visa and authorization to enter Canada. Meanwhile, the prospect of them staying put in Rwanda remained uncertain.

In a recent conversation with InyaRwanda, Makaca expressed his ambivalence about the potential relocation, stating, "I'm not sure if I should continue living in Canada or settle in Rwanda. Why is there such a rush to go to Canada? Instead, I see people eager to leave Rwanda, our homeland. They say you find a wife, you find a home. But who should decide where my wife and I settle?"

Nevertheless, Makaca remains open to the possibility of Cecile returning to Rwanda, asserting, "Why do you assume that my wife will only want to go abroad? Am I not capable of supporting her in Kigali? Money is not an issue; I can go to Canada without any problem."

He emphasized the significance of their impending decision, acknowledging the challenges faced by couples navigating the complexities of transnational relationships. Makaca underscored the misconception that individuals in the diaspora are inherently better off, urging against hastily drawing such conclusions.

In conclusion, Bahati Makaca remains optimistic about the feasibility of their future in either Rwanda or Canada. As they contemplate their next steps, their story highlights the nuanced dynamics faced by many couples navigating the intersection of love, career, and geography.

Bahati Makaca remains optimistic about the feasibility of their future in either Rwanda and Canada

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