MTN in partnership with Inkomoko announces the top three winners of Level Up Your Biz Initiative

Author: InyaRwanda
On:20/01/2024 12:53
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MTN Rwandacell PLC (MTN Rwanda), in collaboration with Inkomoko Entrepreneur Development, proudly announces the winners of the third annual Youth Empowerment Initiative, Level Up Your Biz. The awarding ceremony took place at the MTN Headquarters in Nyarutarama.

Level Up Your Biz is geared at empowering and providing youth-led businesses with the right entrepreneurial skills and knowledge that will strengthen their innovative capabilities amidst an evolving digital world.

From a pool of 122 applicants, the selection process led to the identification of six finalists. These finalists underwent an incubation period concluding in a compelling pitch presentation. 

The evaluation criteria encompassed a thorough assessment of the problem addressed, the proposed solution and product, market analysis, competition analysis, business model viability, and a detailed financial and investment plan. The overall effectiveness of each presentation was a key factor in determining the winners. 

After fully showcasing their projects based on these criteria, the top three winners were, Inzora Agrotourism, Examira Group Ltd, and Rainbow Health Food Ltd, who showcased outstanding projects ranging from agrotourism to tech and agro processing. 

The selection, awarding and subsequent support of the selected businesses is part of MTN Rwanda’s commitment to community upliftment and contributing to economic growth and job creation in Rwanda.

“We are happy to announce the third edition winners of the Youth Empowerment Initiative, Level Up Your Biz, in collaboration with Inkomoko Entrepreneur Development. Our commitment to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of Rwandan youth has never been stronger. 

The expansion of this initiative reflects our dedication to fostering diverse talents and innovation in various business sectors. The journey from 122 applicants to our top three winners represents a testament to the exceptional ideas and dedication within our youth-led business community. 

Congratulations to Inzora Agrotourism, Examira Group Ltd, and Rainbow Health Food Ltd for their outstanding projects, embodying the spirit of innovation, sustainability, and positive impact. 

We look forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of these ventures, contributing to the economic landscape and community development. Together, we are shaping a future where entrepreneurship thrives and transforms lives,” states Chief Executive Officer of MTN Rwandacell, Mapula Bodibe.

In addition to the valuable knowledge the participants gained during the incubation period with Inkomoko, MTN is further fortifying their journey by providing communication essentials and advertising platforms.

 Beyond this, all six businesses received monetary funding support from MTN. The top three performers received 2.5 million Rwandan Francs each, while the remaining three will be rewarded with a commendable 1 million Rwandan Francs each.

"This year, Level Up Your Biz was yet again an outstanding opportunity for entrepreneurs to compete for growth. They gained business skills from Inkomoko and digital tools from MTN. We are proud of the top 3 winners of the program and all the participants who demonstrated innovation, courage, and hard work. 

We congratulate them on their achievements, and we look forward to seeing how transformative this journey will be for them. At Inkomoko, we believe in the transformative power of entrepreneurship to create thriving communities and contribute to the country’s economic development and this program will be back this year to empower more young entrepreneurs,” said Aretha Rwagasore, Rwanda Managing Director, Inkomoko.

MTN Rwandacell Plc (MTN Rwanda) is the market leader in mobile telecommunications in Rwanda. Since 1998, we have continuously invested in expanding and modernising our network and leading digital solutions for Rwanda’s progress. 

As the country’s No 1 network, we offer various services to subscribers, including innovative propositions such as personalised voice and data offers for individuals and corporates with a clear vision to lead the delivery of a bold, new digital world to our customers because we believe everyone deserves the benefits of a modern connected life.

Inkomoko, is a consulting firm that supports micro and small enterprises across Africa so that they can grow to create jobs, improve livelihoods, and create thriving communities. We started our work in Rwanda eleven years ago and have now opened offices in Kenya, Ethiopia, and South Sudan.

We provide entrepreneurs with business development services, including sales and marketing, branding, bookkeeping, inventory management, taxes, etc. We offer them one-on-one consulting so that they can put these lessons into practice. Through our in-house investment fund, we offer financing to grow these businesses. 

Ultimately, our work is to help some of these entrepreneurs throughout Africa improve their lives, create jobs for others in their communities, and be strong economic contributors to their communities. For more information about Inkomoko, visit: www.inkomoko.com