Gianni Infantino Has Been Re-elected as FIFA’s President

Author: InyaRwanda
On:17/03/2023 8:59
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Gianni Infantino who was the president of FIFA up to today has been reelected for third mandate, which will allow him to preside until 2027.

Gianni Infantino who was the president of Football Federation International Association, FIFA, was one and the only one candidate for this position. It was expected that he will competeagainst votes of those will not cast their votes for this position, and then won the election as FIFA’s president once he outcompetes against those who have not voted. 

Gianni Infantino of 52 years old is the third time being elected to lead FIFA. He was firstly elected for this position in 2016, in 2019 was re-elected to lead this federation, once again today on Thursday has won the election again without any competitor, apparently, for the position. 

Gianni Infantino whose nationality is Italy and Swiss land, is the nineth president to lead FIFA, whose predecessor for this position was Issa Hayatou who took the leadership after Sepp Blatter who was chairing FIFA being forced to resign. 

Arsene Wenger who coached Arsenal FC, is with Hon. Minister of Sport Aurore Mimosa Munyangaju, were among top honored guests during this assembly

The president of FIFA Gianni Infantino has mentioned that during his newly elected mandate is going to put in place VAR (the system of visuals (cameras) which help referees takingaccurate decision when confused) for countries deemed unable to implement the by themselves due to insufficient cameras. 

The 73rd of FIFA which has taken place in Kigali on this Thursday involved electing president of FIFA for the new mandate who has to preside FIFA for coming 4 years long mandate as the main topic on the agenda. 

FIFA’s general assembly which has taken place in BK Arena is the first FIFA’s general assembly to take place in Africa whose main topics on the agenda involved FIFA’s presidential election.