Hope for Afrika provided training on how to add value to work through technology

Author: Janvier Iyamuremye
On:9/03/2023 14:54
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On wednesday 8 March, the non- governmental organization known as Hope for African, which operates in Rwanda and two other African countries - brought together members of different organizations to provide training on how they can add value to their work and grow career using technological assistance.

The workshop held at Marriot Hotel in Nyarugenge District, Kigali City and started at 10am, it  was attended by the founder and CEO of Hope for Afrika, Mathey-Apossan Akuete Giana, Bussiness Development Manager of PeopleCert, Romeo Mabasa and the members of various organizations mainly bankers and technology companies.

This workshop was aimed at educating members who work in different companies about the PMO (Project Management office), operationalization, ways of using IT Service and technology in management, and how to innovate towards their digital transformation.

In the interview with Bussiness Development Manager of PeopleCert, Mr Romeo Mabasa who explains the objectives of this program in Rwanda, said " Is to provide capacity building to organizations, to individuals looking to grow their careers, but more importantly to also provide skills to the rest of africans in the world." 

He went on saying that " We go to Organization, we do consultancy to make sure every part of capacity building is sustainable across the organization, but more importantly to make sure that you train the right people, the right calibre of skills to help business as you know this time transformation is the base word, so it is important for us to provide that skills in order for organization to scale up."

CEO of Hope for Afrika, Mr Giana continued explaining the purpose of Hope for Afrika specifically here in Rwanda, said " We have a goal to promote digital transformation agenda and to build PMO to better organize companies to respond to the changing market and to adapt to the reality of the community."

The program deliver three kind of services including audit, capacity building and technical assistance in three main field," the first field is technology innovation, the second field is project management and the top field is data science.", Giana said

He went on explaining why they decided to run the program in Rwanda, saying that "...In Rwanda you speak French and English, this is the first reason, second you have the best readership in the name of his Excellency Paul Kagame.. another reason also is Rwanda is the model in digital transformation."

In an interview with an employee at Bank of Kigali, Iradukunda Gisele, who was among the participants of the training,

explains how it will impact them and results expected, " The trainings will add value to the work we were doing, it showed as we are still lacking something, and we need to go for it."

"You can choose to go with them, you can choose to go with others but at least they have taken the step to show you that there is something you need to add to the service you are providing." she said

HOPE FOR AFRIKA was created on December 5th, 2013 the day Nelson MANDELA passed away to promote highly qualified project/program management, IT Service Management, innovation, and technology trainings to fellow Africans and is legally registered in Togo, Rwanda, and Liberia.

CEO of Hope for Afrika, Mr Giana presented on how members of Organization can add value to their work

Hope for Afrika provided trainings to different organization members on how to grow career using technological assistance

BDM, Romeo Mambasa gave his knowledge to the participant who attended Hope for Afrika Trainings

Hope for Afrika workshops attended by mainly bankers and technology companies


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