How amazing and enjoyable is this 2023 Tour du Rwanda

Author: Umutesiwase Raudwa
On:24/02/2023 15:12
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Enjoyment and pleasure are dominant in the 2023 Tour du Rwanda! Except it has three more days to the end

Since 2009 the Tour du Rwanda has been International. This year is one of the years that has shown a strong competition. Even, most of them can’t put their heads to who will win the race.

It was on Thursday, February 23, 2023, that the runners played in the fifth area, from Rusizi to the Rubavu region of western Rwanda.

The second part of the Tour du Rwanda has a long distance of 195.5 miles, about five miles away and the Kigali Gisagara route the players went through on Monday.

The race is still going on

This year's Tour du Rwanda players will travel around 1129.9 miles, in eight days.

Currently, players have already played about 781 .8 miles, which means 1/2 have already gone.

It’s a lot of miles but it hasn’t yet given a clear path and it’s in the way this race is better and stronger.

The yellow jersey, it’s now trying it on and giving it back

Since Sunday when the Tour du Rwanda 2023 began. Callum Ormiston became the fourth player in the yellow Jersey, which means that after Ethan Vernon won the first half.

Ethan Vernon didn’t not have the yellow cloth till night cause when they went to Gisagara. Henok Mulueberhane took the yellow Jerseyfrom him the young man did a good job as he won the yellow Jersey again when he was the first when they went to Musanze

From the time they headed to Karongi, Thomas Bonnet later took the yellow Jersey, only on Thursday, and was later stripped by Callum Ormiston from South Africa.

When Ethan Vernon won the first part of the Tour du Rwanda, he was the first British to wear a yellow Jersey in the Tour du Rwanda

As the situation continues, at least Tour du Rwanda will end up with about six players already wearing this jersey.

In the 781-kilometer and 800-meter run, Lecerf William Junior came in first, having spent 19 hours 40 minutes with 50 points.

Budiak Anatolii comes in second place with 2 seconds' difference, And than De Laparte Victor with 7 seconds' difference to Lecerf William Junior.

Henok Mulueberhane is the one who wore the Yellow Jersey more than one time this 2023 Tour du Rwanda

Chris Froome, who came with many expecting much from him, continues to show only the weakness but people are scared of him

Muhoza Eric the only Rwandan in top 10 where he is 7th place with 7 seconds’ difference with the first