Praising Kamaliza: Unblemished Legend whose trail inspires most artists

Author: Marie Clemence Cyiza Uwimanimpaye
On:6/11/2020 12:56
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It’s been 24 years since we lost unblemished legend, artist-model for most young and adult artists, Annonciata Batamuliza best known as Kamaliza.

The year, 1996, was her shining year but fate made it dark too, she died the same year. In May 1996, with the assistance of Nzambazamariya Veneranda, her friend, she went to Netherland for her CD “Humura” but nearly the end of that same year she had an accident when back from a relative with her friends.

Batamuliza Annonciata best known as Kamaliza

Kamaliza had been in coma for a whole week and later succumbed to death on 5 November 1996. She is the unforgettable mother for many (around 15 orphans she adopted and many she helped), a sister, a friend, had been a great Rwandan artist of all the time.

All her songs didn’t come out by just coincidence as they had different missions according to different things or situations: Take an example, “Kamaliza”, the song she had been nicknamed after, was the song she composed to thank the woman who treated her father’s illness for free saying, “I don’t want your money, all I want is for your dad to recover.”

Unblemished legend 

“Nzakumara irungu” was for her best friend Tereza who gifted her a recording radio for her music career. She used to play for her different songs to avoid her feeling depressed and lonely as she was living with her mother alone.

The named “Intare” came for relating the courageous, patient, caring and lighthearted Kayitare, a soldier who had been her friend for long before he died in 1993 from illness.

It's been 24 years since we lost her.

The other song of her, “Nimuve mu nzira yemwe” was for her best friend Nzambazamariya Veneranda the one who helped her go to Netherland for her music career.

And “Laurette” for her bride-to-be best friend who was getting married the following day.

All Rwandans will always remember her for her heart-that-big, a real talent and her long-life achievements.

She was well known as fearless as she joined the Army; the thing that used to be known for men.

Kamaliza, daughter of Berenadeta Mukarushema and Leandre Rusingizandekwe, was born on 25th March 1954.