UK could be the first to run human challenge Covid trials

Author: Marie Clemence Cyiza Uwimanimpaye
On:20/10/2020 20:12
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The UK is planning to be the first nation to run “human challenge” studies and plans to expose deliberately 90 people to covid 19 for vaccine’ studies, studies that aim to speed up the race for getting a covid-19 vaccine.

They plan to use £33.6m in relation to pioneering the work. Experts insist that safety will be a number one priority.


Few could understand this theory but according to them, the plan is that “you don’t have to wait for people to be exposed to an illness naturally and then start searching for vaccine”.

 Scientists around the globe are working on potential vaccines for coronavirus

“Researchers would first use controlled doses of the pandemic virus to discover what is the smallest amount that can cause Covid infection in volunteers aged 18 to 30.” As stated in a BBC news about this case.

They are going to infect these volunteers first through the nose and monitored around the clock. Age have been chosen because of their lowest risk of harm due to the young age and good health.


This would also test if a vaccine prevents the infection.


Dr Chris Chiu, Lead researcher for the project from Imperial College London said: “My team has been safely running human challenge studies with other respiratory viruses for over 10 years. No study is completely risk free, but the Human Challenge Programme partners will be working hard to ensure we make the risks as low as we possibly can."


Much is said about these studies as Prof Peter Openshaw, co-investigator on this study and director of the Human Challenge Consortium said deliberately that “infecting volunteers with a known human pathogen was "never undertaken lightly"”.


Life has it all and it has its mystery: You have to be infected to get the cure or the vaccine.

Different laboratories and research centers around the world are working to get the covid-19 vaccine. This virus destabilized the whole world including the big financial muscles.

Maybe the small ones could profit to that because if the cure is discovered, they won’t limit the access as they could get re-infected if so.