Kigali Artists to Join US Counterparts in #Kwibohora30 Celebration

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:15/05/2024 12:16
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In a vibrant celebration of Rwanda's achievements over the past 30 years, renowned artists and DJs from both Rwanda and the United States are gearing up to headline a concert in Boston, Massachusetts. The event, titled "Made in Rwanda Weekend," aims to commemorate three decades of Rwanda's journey towards prosperity and unity.

Yehoyada Mbangukira, the leader of the Rwandan community in the United States, emphasized the significance of 2024 for Rwandans worldwide, stating, "2024 is an exceptional year for our nation. We celebrate 30 years of our journey as a country, reflecting on our achievements and renewing our commitment to continued progress."

The "Made in Rwanda Weekend" concert, organized by Afro Hub, will mark its debut in Boston. The organizers announced that the event will span three days, from July 4th to July 7th, showcasing a rich tapestry of Rwandan culture and talent.

Ernesto Ugeziwe, a member of the Afro Hub team, highlighted the event's aim to promote Rwandan artists and DJs, both locally and internationally. "This concert is a milestone for us," he said. "We aim to bring together talented individuals from Rwanda and the US to celebrate our cultural heritage and musical innovation."

The concert will feature performances and discussions with renowned Rwandan artists, offering attendees a glimpse into the diverse and evolving landscape of Rwandan music. Ugeziwe emphasized the importance of fostering collaboration between artists from Rwanda and the diaspora, as well as providing a platform for cultural exchange.

"We have initiated dialogues with artists who have made significant contributions to Rwandan music, both at home and abroad," Ugeziwe explained. "This concert is not just about entertainment; it's about building bridges and promoting unity among Rwandans worldwide."

While the concert promises to be a celebration of Rwandan culture and progress, it also serves as a reflection on the challenges and triumphs of the past three decades. President Paul Kagame, in a recent address, underscored the significance of this milestone, acknowledging Rwanda's resilience in the face of adversity.

"As we commemorate 30 years of progress," President Kagame stated, "we remember the sacrifices made and the progress achieved. Rwanda has transformed from a nation scarred by Genoside Against Tutsi in 1994 to a beacon of hope and resilience."

President Kagame outlined the dual nature of Rwanda's journey, recognizing both the nation's historical traumas and its ongoing efforts to build a better future. He urged Rwandans to confront the complexities of their past while embracing the opportunities for growth and reconciliation.

"In commemorating 30 years," President Kagame affirmed, "we acknowledge our past while embracing our future. Rwanda's journey is a testament to the resilience of its people and the transformative power of unity."

As Rwanda marks this significant milestone, the "Made in Rwanda Weekend" concert serves as a testament to the nation's progress and cultural vibrancy. Through music and celebration, Rwandans around the world come together to honor their past, celebrate their present, and embrace their future.

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