Bukayo Saka Explains the Role of Manchester City Coach Which Is Making Arsenal to Come Closer to Taking the Trophy

Author: InyaRwanda
On:28/03/2023 16:49
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Bukayo Saka, right-winger defender of Arsenal, has explained how they are being helped by two players who came from Manchester City, which many consider mistakes made by Pepe Guardiola freeing them yet are who are challenging him the most.

Currently, Arsenal is the one taking lead in the premier league, where it has 8 points more than Manchester City, the second. Some among fans of football worldwide, say that Manchester City gave to Arsenal keys to taking this year’s Premier League Cup when it traded its two players to Arsenal last summer.

Zincheko and Gabriel Jesus were traded 75 million Euros all together combined, except helping Arsenal to win, they help it psychologically because they know how the cup of Premier League is strategically won like they just did it when they were together with Manchester City.

Bukayo Saka has revealed the role of Pep Guardiola in making Arsenal qualified for the race of taking the trophy of Premier League, explains the role of Gabriel Jesus and Olesksandr Zincheko who came from Manchester City last summer.

These statements of Bukayo Saka came out prior to football match between England and Ukraine tomorrow in matches for qualification of Euro of 2024, which will happen from German.

He stated that, “Zincheko came in with talent and came in with so many. You can see how he plays and the way he controls match, he is the best player. He has leadership manner and he really helps us in all parts.”

Zincheko and Gabriel Jesus brought us with ambitions of wining and to us they players who could win for the champion. In challenging times, they know what’s going on and encourage us because we have many players who are still young. Sincerely speaking, they help us a lot psychologically.”     

Bukayo Saka is with Gabriel Jesus whom he says he is helping a lot Arsenal for the race of wining for Premier League Cup