They Have a Factory of Modern Cookers! More on BlueFlame, the Solution for Chefs Who Want to Cook with Confidence-PHOTOS

Author: InyaRwanda
On:27/03/2023 19:04
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Blueflame is a Turkish company which manufactures electric or gas cooker (Cuisiniere); spare parts come from Turkey and get assembled in Rwanda. They have cookers of good quality which involves 26 types, their factory is located at Remera.

But the main office and place of operations and where they exhibit their spare parts is located in Muhima but they have other branches elsewhere. 

When we visited their office where they exhibit their spare parts, we were answered with what we always wondered, which was essentially what many chefs like to ask themselves when they buy a Cuisiniere and get disappointed.

Most of the time, you see different people buying pirated home appliances in which cookers and utensils are included yet they don’t get chance for replacement/guarantee because appliances’ dealers/sellers sold them the equipment working properly and, in their opinions, they say that there are not who damaged the appliances.

Nowadays BlueFlame came as a solution for all those because it provides you with equipment in which it has confidence and gives you Five Years guarantee of reparation. Not only guarantee of reparation but also it provides you with experienced technician who has to take care and install it.

These are well known for good quality Cookers, they have cookers which have different sizes like 50 X 50 which means it has oven and burner, there is 50 X 55 which has 3 gas burners and 1 electric burner with the capacity to use both of them. There are also 60 x 60 and 90 x 60.

These cookers are made of 3 materials including Copper, this metal is well cleaned when it gets dirty, there are others made of normal steel which is black but the ones they have, which are very of best quality, are made of steel called Enox, this does not get old or get rusted, 5 years will last as you bought it, and they also have another metal which is used to roast chicken called Rotisserie which rotates itself without your intervention.

All of these that we have discussed above are what we call free standing cookers, which means that you buy it and place it somewhere leave it alone but they are others which are not normally placed somewhere and left alone rather they are built in [the kitchen], and these are called built in cookers. All these home appliances have reliable quality standards that makes them provide 5 years of security/guarantee which is divided into 2 parts. The 1st is a guarantee where it lasts for 2 years, in this case if the appliance has a problem, the technician and spare parts to be used for reparation are provided by the company and they are repaired. What a customer has to do is to pay the technician for just the trip.

Part 2 is what we call Warrantee, in this case spare parts to be used for reparations are paid by a customer but the technician is paid by the company. The company has trained technicians working in the company who do all this in case of damage. And the company has all spare parts that are needed and at a very low price because almost 100 percent of these spare parts are less than 5000 to 10000 Rwf. Apart from this, we also have other common kitchen appliances and all are first quality from Turkey including blenders, washing machine and more.

During a conversation that InyaRwanda.com had with Bakhtiyar Egamberdiev CEO and Co-Owner of Blue Flame, he thanked the government Rwanda by emphasizing on their support, which is a good ingredient for BlueFlame investment.

Bakhtiyar also said that their capital has now reached 500 million and that their home appliances are different from others because they do not buy it from anywhere else but manufactures them by themselves since as there is their factory it becomes easier.

He said, "Our headquarters is in Turkey but we have branches in other countries such as the United Kingdom, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Mozambique, Uganda and Rwanda. After working in Uganda, we wanted to work in Rwanda and we succeeded. And we have been working in Rwanda for five years. Now our capital here in Rwanda has reached 500 million, we manufacture our appliances and deliver them to our customers.

Every year we make investments when I mean in terms of discovering a new way (technology) for equipment to work in or buy it from someone else, for example in Japan or elsewhere, our engineers in Turkey discover something new, for example, like discovering how one of these cookers would work more like finding something else to put on these cookers (function) costs more than 10 million.

Our equipment is different because our factory does not buy spare parts from somewhere else, we manufacture them by ourselves and they are strong and reliable, which is why we offer a 5-year guarantee. The system inside itself is very reliable and stable in protecting your device, every appliance you buy here, wherever you buy it from, you should ask about its quality, if not, don't buy it, it might get damaged, the place you bought it from should help you.

That's why we are here 24/7 to help you, you call a technician and he will come and solve it. And the reports from customers, especially in Congo, Burundi and elsewhere show that they are very happy.”

Regarding the Government of Rwanda, Bakhtiyar Egamberdiev said that they are satisfied with the help they are giving him. He said, “the Government of Rwanda also helps us a lot, people from RDB come here often and ask us if we have any problem, if there is any problem and they solve it.

Our equipment is reliable and we do it as a private company because if it is assembled incorrectly it will have a bad effect on the customer, the new workers can assemble it but most importantly parts are assembled by experienced assemblers.

Our appliances are bought in all sizes due to the fact that we have both expensive and cheap cookers, for example, if you have a large family and you need a bigger one, we will give it to you, or if you are rich and need a beautiful kitchen that looks different, we will give it to you.''

Bakhtiyar Egamberdiev CEO and Co-Owner of BlueFlame, he thanked the government Rwanda by emphasizing on their support

Nowadays BlueFlame came as a solution for all those because it provides you with equipment

Their factory is located at Remera, but the main office and place of operations and where they exhibit their spare parts is located in Muhima

There is 50 X 55 which has 3 gas burners and 1 electric burner with the capacity to use both of them

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