Champions League Quarter-Final Draw: Real Madrid will strike against Chelsea

Author: InyaRwanda
On:17/03/2023 19:48
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Champions league quarter-final results have been published including results for the giant teams like Real Madrid drawn with Chelsea, repeating what happened last year.

The champions league quarter final results have been published on this Friday, selection took place in Switzerland.

This happened after eight teams performed well in 1/8 stage and get promoted to quarter-final stage. Real Madrid got the ticket for the most current stage after winning against Liverpool for all games. 

Their first match took place in England where Real Madrid won Liverpool 5-2 while for the second game Liverpool won against Real Madrid 1-0, making it getting ticket to the quarter final qualifiers with total of 6-1.

Chelsea secured its ticket for the quarter-final qualifiers after beating Borussia Dortmund, the first match kicked off in German where Borussia Dortmund won against Chelsea 1-0. For the returning match, Chelsea performed well by scoring Borussia Dortmund 2-1, making a total of 2-1 two matches combined.

Man. City qualified for ΒΌ final after beating RB Leipzig, their first match was played in German where two teams scored 1-1. The second match took place in England where RB Leipzig was outcompeted very badly by being scored 7-0, which leads to disqualification making a total of 7-1 two matches combined.

Napoli qualified after beating Eintracht Frankfurt 2-0 on the first match and 3-0 on the returning match, making a total of 5-0 two matches combined.

AC Milan disqualified Tottenham 1-0 on the first match and 0-0 on the returning match, making a total of 1-0.

AC Milan drawn Napoli

Inter Milan drawn Benfica

It is expected that these matches will kick off on April 11th, 2023