Cameroon: Cardinal Christian Tumi was released after he has been kidnapped

Author: Marie Clemence Cyiza Uwimanimpaye
On:7/11/2020 14:29
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Cardinal and archbishop emeritus of Douala, Christian Tumi was released this Friday, November 6. He had been kidnapped the day before in the Northwest by a group of Ambazonian secessionists, confirmed the Bishop of Bamenda to Jeune Afrique.

It said, “The cardinal was kidnapped on Thursday around 6 pm along with eleven other people including Fon Sehn Mbinglo II, the traditional Chief of the Nso”.

According to Jeune Afrique, Kidnappers, led by a “general” of the Ambazonians, “whose nom de guerre is Chao Mao”, intercepted the cardinal together with Fon Sehn Mbinglo II at the level of the commune of Baba, in the district of Babessi (department of Ngo-Ketunjia).

Chao Mao is a former pastor who went into rebellion against the central power of Yaoundé. “The latter seems to reproach Cardinal Tumi for having supported the resumption of classes in schools in English-speaking regions, which the Ambazonians are currently trying to prevent”.

The Cardinal has been released alone despite the demonstrations by faithful Christians to release the Cardinal and all who have been kidnapped with him.