Ilhan Omar “would not rest fighting Trump” if He wins again

Author: Marie Clemence Cyiza Uwimanimpaye
On:6/11/2020 20:18
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Ilhan Omar, 38, a Somalian American Representative of Minnesota said she would not rest fighting Trump’s politics if he wins again.

Omar who won again Minnesota at 64% said that her victory is related to her franchise about Trump’s politic, the fight against his “genderless” and “discriminatory” politics. That it’s a victory to all young people and all women.

She stated that her fight won’t stop because she sees him as a “non collaborative” president.


Ilhan Omar moved to the US when young, 10, as a refugee with her parents from Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya.


She had been the first non-US native Somalian and African Representative in the US.


Winning Minnesota would mean Joe Biden won there too. In the later months, Minnesota was among different states in US where had been big strike against George Floyd’s murder by white Minneapolis police.