Marina in New Image to Make a Difference for Music

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:30/08/2020 22:17
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Songbird, Marina promises she is coming back with new image to make a huge difference for her music. To her, let bygones be bygones and watch the new her.

Marina ventured into music career following other singers with big names in the field who allegedly backed her until she became known such as Uncle Austin who took care of her music development.

Marina signed a contract with the Mane studio

Later, the songbird penned a deal with the Mane music studio and she is said to have been the first singer who the studio started working with.

This Friday, the 23 years-old, Marina celebrated her birthday and took advantage of announcing that she devises to do something big that will change her life for good.

‘’ I turn 23 years-old today, imagine what is the next! From today, you are going to see new Marina, who will be different from who you knew in the past,’’ she said.

When we travel back in history, we see a gifted and young girl struggling to make her name known in the realm of music.  She happened to take onto her Instagram and said that being a musician seems impossible in unfavourable environment.

‘’ Being a singer is never easy especially for girls, chance is that we have a good nation,’’ she wrote.  

Marina trashed Butera Konwless

Marina was heard in media attacking her fellow songstresses. When she performed in a concert held in Musanze town, she boasted that she is far better than Knowless, Charly and Nina.

  ‘’ They brought Charly, Nina and even Butera to him, but he refused that he just wanted Marina,’’ she sang.  

Few days later, Charly during a press conference when she was releasing her album, she said that Marina ought to respect them.

Marina was stopped to perform due to showing  immoral behaviours on stage

In Muzanze Marina was again on spot stopped to perform because of misbehaviour. Trying to defend herself she reacted that she couldn’t behave like Knowless. Then, knownless never reacted.

Marina seems to be doing what she absolutely knows because she personally claimed that she knows what misbehaving in public means and how it might adversely affect someone.

 In her birthday celebration she added: ‘’Being famous is never simple for many people judge you. It looks like you are not allowed to be an ordinary person, many expect you to do several things to yourself, which are not even part of music, but how you behave in the public must define who you really are,’’ she said.  

Marina who rose to fame thanks to her music such as Madede, Niwowe, Mbwira co-starring Burundian Kidum, just to name a few, has never received any music reward so far. 


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