Culture of Cutting Woman’s Clitoris Strengthens Relationship-Gerry Mugwiza

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:26/08/2019 15:24
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The cutting of girl’s clitoris practice has been a culture of Rwandans since long time ago but some people disbelieve health benefits accompanying with it. However, Rwandan traditional doctor- Gerry Mugwiza, who uses herbal medicines to heal people, strongly agrees with this practice.

Female genital mutilation involves the removal of the clitoris, inner-and-outer lips of the vagina, and the sewing or stapling together of the two sides of the vulva leaving only a small hole to pass urine and menstruate but depending on the type.

Gerry Mugwiza, a herbal medicine doctor, encourages girls to have their clitoris cut off for increasing their sexual pleasure.   

‘’ It is an amazing practice for all types of people especially girls, since it was up sexual pleasure with their partners,’’ she encouraged.  

Technically, female genital mutilation is performed with a razor blade on girls without using anesthetic. Gerry, who calls herself an artist, says she advises married couple on how to enjoy sexual intercourse using this method.

‘’ Rwandans have unique ways of cutting off some parts of a woman’s body to increase sexual pleasure, differently from western people and others on the globe, since it has been our tradition since long time ago,’’ she said`

She went on to say that it is everyone’s rights to have her parts of the body cut off if she gets pleasure from it and that religion or other beliefs had better stop preventing people from their rights.

‘’ There is no limited age for cutting clitoris in search for pleasure, i have recently helped a person who is in her 40s and she thanked me so much, everything needs talk and to be decided on together to reach better conclusion, ’She concluded.

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This practice involves partial or complete cutting of the clitoris, the most sensitive part of the genitals. On rare occasions, only the fold of skin around the clitoris is cut, which is called the prepuce. This procedure requires a great deal of skill and precision.

It is also believed that external parts of the genitals are cut off or re-positioned in order that the opening of the vagina is narrowed and sealed by sewing or stapling together the two sides of the vulva. A very small single opening remains through which urine and menstrual fluid must pass. The practice predates all religions and has been seen in the mummified bodies of pharaoh princesses.     


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